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Howdy! While no digital media can ever capture the essence of live performance, here is a collection of ephemera that might help you get a better idea of our work.

Lure of the Maiden's Chest

Performed in Spring and Fall of 2015, Lure of the Maiden's Chest explored the tropes of the Adventurer, including Jonny Quest and Indiana Jones. With original music, masks and dancing, the production was well recieved, earning B. Iden Payne Award nominations for Outstanding Production of a Comedy, Featured Actress in a Comedy, Cast Performance, Original Script and Fight Choreography. Starring Genevieve Kinney, Julie Moore, Katy Smaczniak, Aaron Johnson, Kate Meehan and Adam Rodriguez, with music by Amber Quick and Bruce Salmon.

Kill the Messenger

Kill the Messenger

Performed in spring and fall of 2014, Kill the Messenger combined Game of Thrones and Shakespeare's King Lear with their Commedia dell'Arte stock characters. With live music, dancing, eye-gouging and dragon eggs, the performance was well received by its audiences. Starring Genevieve Kinney, Nate Dunaway, Katy Smaczniak, Adam Rodriguez, Kate Meehan and Aaron Johnson, with live music performances by Bruce Salmon and Amber Quick.

For Whom the Dong Tolls

Performed in spring and fall of 2013, For Whom the Dong Tolls explored the Commedia stock characters embedded in the cult film Big Trouble in Little China. Starring Artist in Residence Gian Giacomo Colli, Genevieve Kinney, Tate Green, Aaron Johnson, Adam Rodriguez, Aaron Johnson and Kate Meehan, with live music performance by Bruce Salmon.

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