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siege of the dark nebula

Siege of the Dark Nebula, gave La Fenice the opportunity to romp in the space opera trope. Taking cues from Flash Gordon and Star Wars, the production starred Nate Dunaway, Aaron Johnson, Genevieve Kinney, Kate Meehan and Adam Rodriguez, with puppetry by Julie Moore and Caroline Edge, with live music from Bruce Salmon.

Costume Design: Kate Meehan

Properties Design: Kate Meehan

Choreography: Genevieve Kinney

Fight Choreography: Joseph Garlock

B. Iden Payne Award Winner: Genevieve Kinney, Lead Actress in a Comedy

B. Iden Payne Award Nominee: Production of a Comedy, Lead Actor in a Comedy, Original Script

Photos by Kimberley Mead at the Butterfly Bar

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