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death race: inferno

Death Race: Inferno visits a bleak version of the afterlife as a bunch of truly terrible tropes race through all levels of Dante's Inferno to the very pits of hell to take over the title of Ruler of the Underworld. Starring Heath Allyn, Nate Dunaway, Aaron Johnson, Genevieve Kinney, Kate Meehan, Julie Moore and Adam Rodriguez.

Costume Design: Kate Meehan and Genevieve Kinney

Properties Design: Kate Meehan

Set Design/Painting: Adam Rodriguez

Choreography: Genevieve Kinney

Fight Choreography: Toby Minor

B. Iden Payne Award Winner: Heath Allyn, Lead Actor in a Comedy

Nominee: Featured Actor in a Comedy (Nate Dunaway), Fight Choreography, Properties Design

Photos by Kimberley Mead at the Butterfly Bar

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