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who framed roger replicant?

Who Framed Roger Replicant? took a romp through the works of Philip K. Dick through the lens of campy film noir. Starring Nate Dunaway, Aaron Johnson, Genevieve Kinney, Kate Meehan, and Adam Rodriguez, with live music from Trevor Hickle. 

Original Score: Trevor Hickle

Set Design: Kate Meehan

Costume Design: Genevieve Kinney

Choreography: Genevieve Kinney

Fight Choreography: Toby Minor

Properties Design: Kate Meehan

B. Iden Payne Award Winner: Nate Dunaway, Lead Actor in a Comedy, Fight Choreography

B. Iden Payne Award Nominee: Featured Actor in a Comedy (Adam Rodriguez), Production of a Comedy

Photos by Steve Rogers Photography at the Butterfly Bar

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