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HI for short = Nate Dunaway

Arrabella (RB) Figg = Kate Meehan

Hagrid (et al) = Adam Rodriguez

John Goodman = Tobie Minor

Turnatrix for short = Nola Lafayette

Wizard/Musician = Oliver Steck


production team

Direction: Kate Meehan

Set Design: Kate Meehan

Properties Design: Kate Meehan

Costume Design: Aaron Flynn

Fight Choreography: Tobie Minor

Dance Choreography: Kelly Hasandras

Script Development: Nate Dunaway, Kate Meehan, Adam Rodriguez, Tobie Minor, Nola Lafayette, Aaron Johnson and Julie Moore.

Graphic Design: Molly Strehl

Production Photographer: Kimberley Mead

Dialect Coach: Bernadette Nason

exit interviews with theatre-goers paint unfortunate picture!

"I saw it with my own eyes," said local hayseed Turnipide Hunkysnitch. "Never have I seen a production take so many liberties with geography and beloved franchises." "And besides," his wife Darabella Misinthrope interjected, "people in Wales don't really talk like that."

        Despite what would have otherwise been an enjoyable evening, theatre-goers noted upon exit that it was "hotter than a fresh fart in a forest fire," and generally noted that it was quite clear the performants had spent far too much time over-designing the production and far too little time considering the fact that the authoress of the franchise is a sticky witch altogether and that there are some uncomfortable grumblings about the owners of Buc-Ees, another franchise featured in the production for no apparent reason. This author surmises that perhaps a late night, substance-infused trip to the establishment whilst penning the script together might be to blame.

           Upon interviewing participants of the production, they all seem perfectly chuffed to be performing together after a long absence, and seem to have no compunctions whatsoever about producing work of such dubious artistic merit. "Frankly," said Adam Rodriguez, who "performs" a positively ludicrous number of characters in the production, "Get bent."

         This reviewer suggests any attendees of this "production" rely heavily on the gastronomical feats of neighbor Patrizi's and visit the Butterfly Bar often for top-ups on tipples to have any chance of enjoyment. When visiting either establishment, it is suggested to err on the side of generosity when tipping.

Did you miss it? While the magic of live theatre never translates to film, you can see the final performance of Raising Harry Potter here.

B. Iden Payne Awards Winner: Fight Choreography; Nominee: Production of a Comedy, Lead Performer in a Comedy (Nate Dunaway, Kate Meehan), Featured Performer in a Comedy (Adam Rodriguez, Nola Lafayette, Tobie Minor), Dramaturgy, Original Score, Featured Music Performance, Small Cast, Properties Design, Wig Design

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