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lure of the maiden's chest

Lure of the Maiden's Chest explored the tropes of the Adventurer, including Jonny Quest and Indiana Jones. With original music, masks and dancing, the production was well recieved, earning B. Iden Payne Award nominations for Outstanding Production of a Comedy, Featured Actress in a Comedy, Cast Performance, Original Script and Fight Choreography. Starring Genevieve Kinney, Julie Moore, Katy Smaczniak, Aaron Johnson, Kate Meehan and Adam Rodriguez, with music by Amber Quick and Bruce Salmon.

Costume Design: Kate Meehan and Genevieve Kinney

Choreography: Genevieve Kinney

Properties Design: Kate Meehan

Fight Choreography: Toby Minor

B. Iden Payne Award Nominee: Production of a Comedy, Featured Actress in a Comedy (Kate Meehan), Fight Choreography, Original Script, Cast Performance

Photos by Kimberley Mead at the Butterfly Bar

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