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La Fiamma

La Fiamma is La Fenice's children's production arm. Our shows for the young are hilarious romps through serious content. Our productions handle TEKS-aligned social studies content using the fast-paced, ultra-physical style of Commedia dell'Arte, a theatrical style that blends comedy with social commentary.


If Looney Tunes did a show about the Founding Fathers, this would be that show, minus the falling anvils.

Up Next

Up Next:

Ballad of Four Rancheros


The story of Texas' founding is the stuff of legend. Everyone "Remembers the Alamo," just probably not quite like this... 


The Ballad of Four Rancheros tells the story of four people on both sides of the conflict who are just trying to make a go of it. Developed with the assistance of local historians, this play provides a larger context for the Texas Revolution, honoring early Texas pioneers and the Tejanos that brought order to the Texas landscape before their arrival. Using broad, physical comedy, La Fiamma's professional actors make Texas history memorable for Austin area children.

Touring Details

Touring Details

All performance times are arranged with each venue to accommodate the needs of your school. We can usually perform twice in one day.


Performance length is approximately 50 minutes.


$1,000 for a single performance

$1,400 for two performances on the same day.


Travel fees will be included for performances in venues further than 30 miles from downtown Austin.


Technical Requirements:


A performance space of 25 deep by 35 feet wide, with a ceiling height of at least 15' is required, along with basic theatrical lighting to generally illuminate the playing space.


Additionally, we will require dressing room space to accommodate our performers, along with bottle water and light snacks (crackers, cheese, fruit, etc).


Limited grant funding is available for schools who need assistance with touring fees.

Technical Requirements
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