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Speak No More: Golden Age is available for private or public performances in any venue,

and is entirely new for every performance.

Runtime 1 hour 45 minutes and is performed in three loops.
Between loops the audience will return to the starting point
until invited to re-enter. 
Once inside, feel free to explore how the stories 
unfold from different perspectives


Speak No More is entirely improvised and unscripted. Every show is unique. Every character, action, and interaction is improvised by the cast in the moment

Masked Shadows ensure the safety of the audience, performers, and space. Please follow any instructions they give.  Failure to do so may lead to removal from the show. 

The content of the show includes expressions of violence. If at anytime the content is overwhelming, feel free to exit until you feel comfortable to return. A Masked Shadow can assist as needed.

Audience members are encouraged to move freely throughout the space, with the exception of any areas blocked by curtain or closed door. 

- No unauthorized photography
- Lighting is low. Please use caution and be aware of trip hazards, performers, props, and other audience members
- Please do not speak during the performance
- Please do not touch the performers


Adam Rodriguez, Adrian Prado, Allie Maldonado, Benajah Baskin, Brandon Martin, Kareem Badr, Kate Meehan, Kelly Hasandras, Nola Lafayette, Robert Slack, and Tatiana Jitkoff

Design Team:

Direction - Kate Meehan

Dramaturgy - Nola Lafayette

Fight Choreography - Tobie Minor

Costume Design - Kate Meehan

Properties Design - Tatiana Jitkoff

Sound Design - Marc Majcher and Atlas Cage

Makeup Design - Kate Meehan and Danielle DaVerona

Technical Direction: Kate Meehan

Production Team:

Stage Manager - Sharky Meehan

Shadows: Brent Jenkins, Luke Wallens, Danielle DaVerona, Courtney Estevez, Cara Arlauskas

B. Iden Payne Award Special Certificate: Outstanding Audience Experience; Winner: Outstanding Production of Improvised Theatre, Outstanding Direction of Improvised Theatre; B. Iden Payne Award Nominee: Outstanding Cast in Improvised Theatre, Costume Design, Sound Design, Properties Design, Stage Management

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