May 20, 2016

The local arts economy is a real topic of discussion in our community right now - everything from affordability for area artists, to lease/term agreements and land use to paying performers for their work.


Our organization is built on making financial choices that benefit our company members. This strikes people as odd sometimes, because the work we do is constructed to feel loose and dangerous, like the wheels might fall off any time. Friends and colleagues have asked us to share our process, and we are happy to do so - we think it's kind of time to lift the veil of secrecy around how local performance companies operate, and we're happy to be the first to show off our knickers.



Feel free to skip to the end for the TL:DR version.


La Fenice: How Our Sausage is Made


We generally perform one show each year because we feel like we can only afford to do one show each year, though we are planning to expand next year to include one fall show for children. We plan our next season during a seri...

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