March 28, 2016

Lovers are usually the maypole around which Commedia dell'Arte scenarios are woven. Usually, the story is all about the two lovers falling in love and trying desperately to get together.


In Siege of the Dark Nebula, we decided to poke at their relationship from another angle. What if the lovers have already officially gotten together, but haven't really gotten together? So often, Commedia scenarios revolve around the Lovers' ability to unite, but once that prize is won, what happens then? The shallow attraction that usually forms the narrative for most Commedia scenarios (and every Rom-Com) doesn't seem like it would be the start of any relationship that can last.


So we decided to start our Lovers' stories in the second phase of their relationship - Chad and Stacy have managed to get together, but they listen past each other, focused more on their own skills and goals than a shared future. It's only when their backs are against the wall that they actually discover each other. Really, t...

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